Programmers need to know how a computer works

The book ‘Computer Science Distilled’ should be the missing guide to computer science topics every programmer should know. The book is written by Wladston Ferreira Filho.

Amazon about the book:

A walkthrough of computer science concepts you must know. Designed for readers who don’t care for academic formalities, it’s a fast and easy computer science guide. It teaches the foundations you need to program computers effectively. After a simple introduction to discrete math, it presents common algorithms and data structures. It also outlines the principles that make computers and programming languages work.

Code Energy (the publisher):

It’s no coincidence many tech founders (like Mark Zuckerberg) were computer science students. Once you master computer science, you’ll have the computational mind that powers rockstar tech entrepreneurs—and you’ll also become a much more interesting hire for elite companies.

You do need some basic knowledge about mathematics but the writer explains it in plain English.

You can order Computer Science Distilled (ISBN: 10 0997316004) every where. Is shows up in my Facebook timeline almost everyday. Facebook, listen to me. I have ordered and read the book! No more adds please!

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