Unit 2 of ‘App development with Swift’:

You’ll learn about structures, collections, loops, and different ways to work with the information that makes up an app. At the end of the unit, you’ll build an ambitious project. Don’t worry if it feels hard—because it is! Every coder in the world went through the same challenges. Keep at it, and you’ll start to enjoy solving problems with code.

The goal of this unit is to make an Apple Pie App. The Ebook:

Apple Pie is a simple word-guessing game, where the user must guess a word, letter by letter, before all the apples fall off of the apple tree. If there are apples remaining, the user wins—and can eat delicious Apple Pie.

No Apple Tree for me. It is more than 100 pages away…

Unit 2.1 is about Strings: case sensitivity, concatenation, equality, escape character, index, literal, range, string interpolation, substring and Unicode.

The result of the quiz is 5 out of 5. I am a champion!


(self coaching)